Below is a scan of the Entry of Default that has been filed in a $190 million libel suit against the Church of Spiritual Technology, doing business as the L. Ron Hubbard Library.  We've added a numbered legend in red: 
.....1. Defendents in the case are identified as "David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Jane/John Doe #1 (named as the Church of Spiritual Technology, a corp. dba [doing business as] L. Ron Hubbard Library." 
.....2. The default was entered on February 2, 1998. 
.....3. Form states who to enter the default against: "JANE/JOHN DOE #1, named as 'the CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, a corporation doing business as L. Ron Hubbard Library' on the 'Amendment to Complaint' filed October 21, 1997." 
.....4. Total under "Statement of Damages" is stated as "$190,000,215."
.....5. Signature of Stephen Mitchell for the plaintiffs.
.....6. Mark that Default was entered as requested on February 2, 1998.